Strategic product development with creative product designers

Fluctus Fluctus is an industrial design agency for designing consumer and professional products. We like to challenge ourselves to design products in which ergonomics, construction and design go hand in hand. We think along with you how to translate a concept idea into a product design that can be brought to the market successfully. You can contact us for all phases of product development, from idea up to and including the start of the first production batch. We are used to working with clients who are familiar with product development, but also with clients who have not yet had an idea worked out by a design agency.

Samen met de opdrachtgever bepalen wij al vanaf het prille concept de succesfactoren voor introductie in de markt. Een compacte set van Screening en Ranking criteria gebruiken we om aan de opdrachtgever inzichtelijk te maken welke concepten het meest kansrijk zijn om te ontwikkelen.

From the start we give a fair picture of the risks associated with looking for innovative solutions; we communicate clearly about the choices that have to be made during this search.

Engineering: an eye for detail

In the engineering phase we optimize all details of the product for production and assembly. Often a mass-production product consists of an assembly of complex injection-molded products where many functions can be integrated. By early communication with the suppliers of parts and by making prototypes we optimize the product before investments have to be made in means of production.

Sustainable product development of meaningful innovations

When designing products, it is important that materials are chosen that do not fail during their lifetime and that can be reused at the end of their useful life. It is at least as important that the product is carefully designed so that the user can give the product a long life due to its functional, visual and ergonomic quality.

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'Everyone can have a good idea, however to make a successful product, you need a professional design agency'

Gertjan Drent, Fluctus