NX Cool Shape Design Bundle

It may have been known for some time among the experienced Siemens NX users, but from NX 9 Siemens NX via a separate Design Bundle about the “Realize Shape” functions. Where in the normal NX environment you build up all geometry from sketches, extrudes and so on, it is now possible to create something new from a basic shape by “pulling” different points. This makes it possible to realize complex shapes in a faster and more efficient way than before.


Fluctus recently received this “Cool Shape Design Bundle” license upgrade from NX, which enables us to create even more beautiful designs! In particular, double curved surfaces are easier to set up and adjust. The big advantage is that not much time is lost on properly building a complex shape. Not happy with the design? Then you can adjust the shape a bit without effort.


Curious what these “Realize Shape” functions look like? Watch one of the sample videos below

NX Realize Shape Youtube example 1

NX Realize Shape Youtube example 2