Producing in small quantities with 3D printing

For the production of small series it is often not desirable to invest in expensive production tools. For example, when a test series must be made to prove the product first, or if the total batch size is limited. Especially for plastic products with complex shapes, 3D printing is a perfect alternative. Different finishes and quality levels are possible with 3D printing, making the models not only interesting for prototypes but also for sale.

The parts shown on the image are supplied for an application that makes optimal use of the properties of (printed) nylon.

Fluctus can be engaged for the design, engineering and delivery of the 3D prints. During the development tolerances, fittings, click mechanisms, strength and of course design are taken into account. Depending on the available printing techniques and the finishing levels, it is possible to produce 1 to several hundred pieces.

Available 3D printing techniques that we offer are: FDM, DLP, SLS and SLA.

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