Dual eDNA Filter

Sylphium's Dual eDNA Filter has been developed for taking water samples for eDNA determinations. The large filter surface and the simple design of the filter make it possible to squeeze a few liters of water through the Dual eDNA Filter on site. In this way there is less chance of contamination and there is little volume and weight to be taken into the field.

After adding the preservative liquid and closing the Dual eDNA Filter with the supplied caps, the sample remains stable for a long time (a few weeks to a few months), without cooling.

Fluctus has been responsible for the product design, engineering and production of the Dual eDNA Filters.


Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

Regular consultation with client Sylphium has led with short intermediate sprints to a well-documented schedule of requirements as a starting point for the start of development. after a thorough search for filtration technology and manufacturing methods, this has led to the development of new filter concepts.

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

The "form follows function" principle has been applied to this product, the functionality is the most important and the design has been adapted where possible.


Product Engineering

The construction is optimized for forcing water through the filter under relatively high pressure, and for reducing residual volumes when fixing the DNA material present in the filter.

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

Step by step, the design has been optimized using printed and milled models.
The first samples from the injection mold have been subjected to extensive testing and after tuning the mold, the design has been released for production.

5_BC_3D & Product Visualization

Product Visualization

Om de toekomstige klanten tijdig te kunnen voorzien van een realistische impressie, leveren we foto-realistische afbeeldingen en animaties.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

Fluctus is responsible for supplying the 100% tested filters. Sterilisation, labelling and packaging is done by Sylphium.