E-Leon rocks your child into dreamland

E-Leon is a new creative way to put your baby to sleep. Controlled by 3 natural cradle programs in the app, E-Leon rocks the stroller back and forth.
Place the stroller on the E-Leon and operate it with the accompanying app. You can choose from three different cradle movements, in which time and speed can also be adjusted.
Fluctus -in close cooperation with the product owner-has been responsible for the entire design process of the E-Leon, for the graphic design and for the realization of the app, manual and packaging. Fluctus has proposed the production and assembly company and has supervised the production up to and including the first production batch.

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Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

How can you safely rock your own stroller in a safe way? After a lot of discussion, sketching and modelmaking, a concept is born

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

We give the complex construction an appearance that fits in the world of baby products.


Product Engineering

We designed the drive with 2 motors and together with the electronics developer we placed the sensors that ensure that the 2 driven carts of the Eleon, continue to run parallel.

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

In this project we have used coarse wood models, 3D printed FDM models in ABS from our own printers and SLS 3D prints in Nylon for the parts that have to be injection molded in a later stage. We make the prototypes working with the right step motors, controlled by an Arduino.

5_BC_3D & Product Visualization

Product Visualizations

The 3D CAD models are ideal for creating photorealistic images. Even before there are real products, we can apply this for instructions for use, packaging and other PR-expressions.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

We are only satisfied when the first batch of products is successfully introduced. At an early stage we help to source suppliers for the designed products. We communicate about desired modifications to ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible, and we plan how and where the assembly will take place.