The Domotica product range for more safety and comfort at home

Fluctus has provided the complete engineering for a number of products of the Gigaset Elements product range. Gigaset, which was previously known for its home phones, has launched a new series of products for monitoring your home.

The siren immediately triggers a sound signal when there is an attempted burglary.

The switchable plug can switch electrical equipment remotely. This allows you to switch on certain lights in the house when one of the sensors detects movement.

The production of Gigaset Elements started in 2013

Gigaset Plug_03_800x600

Our competencies


Product Engineering

In the engineer phase, the design model has been transformed into a product that meets all requirements for electrical equipment

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

De geprinte prototypes zijn een laatste check voor de onderdelen en assemblage, voordat de matrijzen worden gemaakt

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

Als de eerste samples spuitgegoten worden bezoeken we de fabrikant om de producten te optimaliseren