The innovative electronic locking system for storage furniture

Fluctus is responsible for the design and engineering of the LoQit electronic locker system. The user interface on the locker doors has the logistic flexibility for customers to opt for operation with RFID, pin code or a mobile phone. Through a clever mechatronics design of the lock unit in the locker, the locker door can be programmed in different ways so that the door can be unlocked by itself or after the locker door is being pushed. The injection molding products are produced in the Netherlands.


Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

Together with the elctronic developpers we have designed a concept that serves as the basis for multiple versions, which differ in the way of opening

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

We give a robust, user-friendly form to a new range of products


Product Engineering

The geometry of all parts is being matched for optimal interaction, ease of mounting and ease of production. This applies in particular to the moving parts in the opening mechanism

3_BC_Prototype & Testing


With 3D printed prototypes, we test in practice whether the assembly works well and if the product works well in practise

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

In close consultation with the injection moulder, we discuss product details and the possibility to mold the window for the locker lights at once with one of the housing parts