On The Move E-DNA Analysis

Fluctus Industrial Engineering and Sylphium Molecular Ecology have developed a technique to purify DNA quickly, easily and outside the laboratory.
This way of DNA purification offers the possibility to quickly isolate DNA on location and to perform DNA analyses. Rapid and on-site DNA analyzes are particularly relevant for products and environments where pathogens can occur and which people use, such as food and bathing water. In swimming water and recreational lakes, pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, Enterococcen and Leptospirose (causing Weil's disease). In addition, this water almost always contains humic acids, tannins and tannic acids. This group of substances disrupts DNA analyzes such as PCR very seriously and behaves in a chemical sense almost in the same way as DNA. This makes purification of DNA from water containing humic acids, tannins and/or tannic acids very difficult.

Our competencies

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

The design process had many implementations, always evaluating whether it couldn't be simpler and with less environmental impact after the sampling and analysis had been completed.


Product Engineering

In close consultation with Sylphium, we succeeded to develop a version that can be placed directly in common lab centrifuges. The simple shape is easy to fill with the right filter material and is capped with a stopper in which a filter is integrated.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

Fluctus provides support for starting mass production and filling in a laboratory environment.