CPR at the right tempo and depth is not easy. With the help of the SimCPR PRO this suddenly becomes a lot easier. Visit the website

CPR successfully with the Sim CPR

The Sim CPR®PRO and the Sim CPR®Trainer are  the successor products for the previously developped SimCPR for Samaid. Sim CPR is a sensor with accelerometer that provides feedback on depth and pace of hartmassage. Het SimCPR-algoritme analyseert de hartmassage bewegingen en berekent nauwkeurig wat de diepte is van iedere naar beneden gerichte slag. De bijbehorende app geeft instructies om de reanimatievaardigheden te verbeteren. 

The SimCPR PRO provides directions for proper movement in an emergency that requires resuscitation. Illuminated symbols provide the user with feedback on the distance to push and on the pace at which to resuscitate.


Fluctus is responsible for the design, engineering and production of the SimCPR, as well as the graphics of the user manual.



Our competencies

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

Fluctus has come up with a simple, compact shape that fits well with the concept and the chosen method of fastening with Velcro. The shape of watch and strap is derived from the most common way to put a watch on the wrist, so that when using the PRO version in an emergency, the fitting on the wrist proceeds naturally.


Product Engineering

The chosen material is strong to secure the strap and flexible to deal with tolerances of the sensor module.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

Fluctus is responsible for supplying the injection molded products and wrist strap.

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

With our own 3d printers we can easily make different concepts and prototypes. These models serve as an ergonomics study and for testing the function and visibility of the feedback lights.

5_BC_3D & Product Visualization

Product Visualizations

We use the 3D CAD models to create photo-realistic images for the operating instructions and for the website. These images can be used for marketing purposes before products are produced.

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