Always a perfect and freshly cut bouquet

For Tipper45 B.V. from Heerenveen, Fluctus has worked on an innovative consumer product that makes it possible to enjoy a bunch of flowers longer. In the previous generation of stem cutters, flowers had to be removed from the bouquet to cut them off. With this new design that is unnecessary and the entire bouquet remains intact! For this project Fluctus worked closely with Saskia Dingelstad for the design and with Brightbird for the brand name, colors, logos and graphics.

Tipper bloemsteelsnijder

Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

We translate the invention of the client into a concept design that is easy to operate and that has a unique look


Product Engineering

In the engineer phase, we make the concept from a 3D CAD file that serves as the basis for the product designer

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

We make functional models to prove the principle of cutting all kinds of flower stems and prototypes as check for the fixed geometry.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

We consult with the producers about details that make it possible to manufacture the product in bulk