The latest generation Smart City lighting controller

With SkyLite Prime, cities can upgrade their street lighting by interconnecting the street lights in a smart network. In combination with a smart driver, SkyLite Prime provides advanced system analysis for health, energy measurement and asset management support. The Zhaga interface ensures rapid installation on all standardized luminaires.

Tvilight Skylight

Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

In this rapidly growing market for better regulation of street lighting we have defined the specification and component selection in close consultation with the client.

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

This housing is designed to match the progressive character of the product to give it a competitive edge.


Product Engineering

In the engineer phase, all parts are recorded in detail. At an early stage we consult with the injection moulder for the integration of hard and soft plastic materials into 1 mold. For the transparent material we have chosen a type of plastic that is suitable for long-term outdoor use and that is approved for release of the product in Europe and the USA.

3_BC_Prototype & Testing


In the design phase, the 3D prints of our printers have helped enormously to make the right choices in the design process.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistance

We have gone through an intensive process to get the product mass-produced with the right quality.