Unique and compact with a user-friendly dosing system

Overdose damages the health of the animal. Underdosing makes it impossible to achieve the optimum result of the medicine. The VetArt ™ Squeeze Before You Dial adjustment system prevents both situations. It is a unique system designed by Fluctus. Functional design ensures that the customer quickly gets used to this system. This dosing system also ensures that the user does not have to worry that the dosage can be adjusted accidentally during use.

Meddit vetrinary injector

Our competencies

1_BC_Concept Development

Concept Development

We define a specification that forms the basis for a concept that is distinctive in this market in terms of operation and setting possibilities.

2_BC_Product Design

Product Design

With the given technical preconditions we create design variants of which we refine the important grip step by step


Product Engineering

In the engineer phase, all parts are detailled as a 3D CAD model.
Materials are chosen to withstand the autoclave in which the injector can be cleaned.

3_BC_Prototype & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

We use models and prototypes during the entire design process to check the ergonomics and to get a good impression of the strength of the parts

5_BC_3D & Product Visualization

Product Visualizations

We use the 3D CAD models to make photo-realistic images for the instructions for use, the packaging and for the website. This way the website can be ready before the first products are produced.

6_BC_Production Assistance

Production Assistence

We are only satisfied when the first batch of products can be produced. We run through an intensive process to optimize the products for accurate dosages.