Creative product development, from concept development to delivering series of products.

You can contact us for all phases of product development. But you can also use us for parts of this, for example for concept development, engineering or putting your design into production. By combining business instinct, technical ingenuity and creativity, we develop products with added value. We are at our best when we work together with a client who challenges us; he knows the market like no other.

Concept development/ Ergonomics check

With the help of brainstorming techniques, the kick-off is given for the creative process that leads to visualized concepts in a few steps

By testing the concepts against the criteria that have been established in advance, a well-considered choice can be made from the concepts. We make functional models of (sub)structures to check at an early stage whether the chosen concept is the right one. This seems like a trivial step, but it is sometimes skipped. The models provide early feedback to the client for the use of the product. Optimal ergonomics play a major role in almost all our products. If the choices for functions and shape are correct, the chosen concept is elaborated in a 3D CAD file.

Product Design

A suitable design supports the concept for a successful market introduction

We adjust the design of a product to the positioning of a product and the desired ergonomic function. As soon as the basic function of an innovation has been proven, we design several design directions that are discussed with the client. We can also quickly switch to photo-realistic images of design variants so that they can be used in market research.

As soon as the main direction for shaping the product is fixed, further work can be done on detailing all parts.

Prototyping & testing

We make models and prototypes throughout the design process to prove functions and to assess forms

We use models and prototypes at an early stage to demonstrate or clarify the function of and concept. In an early stage of product development, these are handicraft models that we assemble in our own workshop or form studies that we print ourselves on one of the 3D printers.

Later in the product development process we use prototypes to prove how the products will look like, as a final check before the investments in production tools.


In this phase, the engineers are working meticulously to provide all details in the CAD files and to monitor the coherence of the whole

In the engineer phase, all parts are detailed as a 3D CAD model in our Siemens NX CAD-Software. In this phase we check the strength of parts by making 3D prints and by simulating in software under certain loads.

3D & Product Visualisation

Photorealistic images let the product come to life

We use the 3D CAD models for creating photo-realistic images and animations. Even before there are real products, the lifelike images and videos can be used for instructions for use, packaging and other PR expressions.


We are only satisfied when the first batch of products is successfully introduced

At an early stage, we help to source suppliers for the designed products. We communicate about desired adjustments to ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible and we make a plan how and where the assembly will take place. If desired, we act as a supplier of the parts and arrange assembling of the product.

Fluctus helped us from A to Z to turn a good idea into a successful product.

Anand Badal, owner of E-Leon