Industrial Design
Campus Groningen

Fluctus is located at the Zerniketerrein on the north side of the city of Groningen; an inspiring place where it is full of new developments with the university, Hanze University and various development laboratories around us.

Our studio has everything needed to efficiently develop products: A workshop for making functional models, some 3D printers to quickly convert CAD models into tangible parts, a good espresso machine and good software for modeling and simulate in 3D. And of course... the designers who dive into the design challenges with passion and patience


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Fluctus Zernikelaan Groningen
Fluctus en Brightbird team

Design en engineering

We have continued to expand our network with suppliers and electronics developers and since its founding in 2006 we often collaborate with Brightbird Design Center, also located at Zernikelaan 6 in Groningen.